How to make your property irresistible to buyers

How to make your property irresistible to buyers

When it comes to selling a home you need to take steps to make the property irresistible. If you can make potential buyers fall in love with the property then you can increase the value that you are able to sell it for. Here we explore how we can help you to make your property irresistible to buyers.


Start outside 

The first impression your home makes is very important so you need to ensure that the frontage and garden are well kept, weeded and properly maintained. Spending some time doing the garden can give a better first impression to buyers when your real estate agent takes buyers to see the home.


Minimise furniture in the property 

A property with minimal furniture always feels bigger and more spacious so you should get rid of anything that is not essential to have in the home. A few small pieces of furniture can make the home feel lived in, but any bulky items or clutter should be removed if possible.


Give it a deep clean 

No matter how clean you are there will always be some dirt in the home that you will need to tackle before you advertise it for sale with the real estate agent. Deep cleaning the property once you have stripped it of goods will help you to make the home look fresher and newer. Nothing will put buyers off like a dirty toilet or grubby kitchen, so make sure you give it a good scrub.


Find the right real estate agent 

The real estate company that you use says a lot about the property and we can help you to make your home irresistible. We can give you the best real estate advice to help you in the sale of your property and can help you to present it in the best possible light too. The ways in which a property is photographed and displayed can make a massive difference in getting people to come and view it so you need the right real estate agent to make your home irresistible online.

Making your property irresistible starts with cleaning, tidying and repairing. For more advice on selling your home, contact us today


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