Getting the best price for your home when you move into aged care

Getting the best price for your home when you move into aged care

Moving into aged care can be a great option for many older homeowners, as it allows them to unlock the capital value of their home while getting to live in attractive and easy to maintain aged care facilities.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best price for your property:

Repair small issues

Often, as elderly people get ready for aged care, they have issues maintaining their home. However small these repairs are, they can lower the price of your home as people look at how much work (in terms of time and money) they would need to invest in getting these items repaired. It can also dissuade some buyers who are not looking for houses that require a lot of work and this can lower the competition for the property, which can also stop you getting the best possible price. It is a good idea to get a repairman and a gardener to come around and get the house looking its best before you do your first home viewing.


Senior homeowners often have a lifetime of items built up in their home, which can end up making the house look cluttered and, in some cases, can even make it look smaller. It can be a good idea to get together with friends and family to de-clutter the home ahead of selling and make sure that precious items find a new home. This is good preparation for moving in aged care as well, where people usually have some limits on which personal items they can bring.

Use a vendor advocate

Rather than trying to choose between a range of real estate agents, it can be a great idea for elderly people to use a vendor advocate. The vendor advocate helps to work out a selling strategy that achieves the best price by comparing real estate agents directly and negotiating on your behalf.

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