How to style your home to increase its value

How to style your home to increase its value

If you want to increase the value of your home simply and easily, property styling is the answer. Styling your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune and often offers the best chance of you achieving your asking price when you sell. By following our styling tips below, not only will your home look great, but it will also be market ready if you choose to sell.

1. De-clutter your home
While it seems logical and straightforward, many home owners overlook the importance of removing any clutter from around their home to increase the value. The act of de-cluttering makes your home appear more spacious and accentuates the rooms and features.

2. Focus most of your styling efforts on key rooms
When you style your home in an effort to increase its value, you are generally interested in selling sometime in the near future. This is why it’s a smart option to focus most of your styling efforts on the rooms that will be photographed for your online and print home advertising, such as your kitchen. You can style your kitchen by simply de-cluttering it and adding a bowl of green apples.

3. Always consider room proportions when styling
It’s crucial to have furniture, art work and other home accessories that are proportionate with the size of the room when styling. Each room when styled should also have a focal point, whether this is a stylish sofa or an interesting piece of artwork. To help give your home the impression of being spacious try to avoid showing the back of your chairs or sofas.

4. Neutralise your interior
Cost-effective and refreshing, giving the interior of your home a coat of neutral paint instantly brightens up your space. It’s also good to be aware that colours capture audiences emotionally, such as brighter oranges and yellows which stimulate relaxation.

5. Don’t forget fresh flowers
Fresh flowers enhance your home’s interior and also add more impact to any photography sessions.

These styling tips are beneficial for increasing the value of your home if you’re thinking of selling to downsize, buy a new home or invest in an aged care placement. At Rad Property Solutions we specialise in assisting people with selling their homes before moving into aged care.

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